Business Process Analysis and Improvement

Whether you are starting off new or have been in business for quite some time, it is important to have the right systems in place. 

What do we mean?

We mean that is important to choose the right accounting system based on your industry, size and future growth. It is important to choose the correct payroll structure that meets the operational needs of your organization.  It is equally important to choose other good systems relative to your industry, establish solid internal controls, hire great people, treat them well and focus on your business in order to provide great services to your clients. 

Pilar Financial Practice Management LLC can assure you choose the right systems from the beginning or change to the right systems if you are already established. Establishing strong accounting processes are key elements to accurate and timely financial information.  In addition, a sound accounting structure and appropriate software provide a platform to support company growth and improvement.  During the course of an organization’s lifespan, the accounting structure, processes and software should be periodically revisited to ensure they are adequately supporting the company’s needs.

In identifying, analyzing and streamlining processes for clients, we focus on internal management issues:

  •   The structure of the accounting processes
  •   Data Collection
  •   Expense Management
  •   Benchmark analysis and monitoring
  •   Software Analysis and integration

We also provide periodic training to help clients improve their employee’s financial and accounting skills.  These are invaluable tools that successful organizations have as part of their engrained culture to drive, deliver and sustain success.